Resort in a bungalow
The brief from the client was to design a bungalow which houses individual rooms to-rent, a living room, a standard room for client’s personal use, separate swimming pool & private garden area for two families at the same time.
The client's requirements are met by planning two units having a common living room at the center. Standard rooms and leisure areas are planned around this common Living room, and are further connected to the living room, thus maintaining privacy from other unit. Both the living rooms could be further connected to form a larger gathering space.
Living room has an extended veranda which forms the deck for the swimming pool. The wide passage with extended inbuilt seating on the first floor forms the sit-out space for the guests who have rented out the rooms. These rooms also have an attic space overlooking the swimming pool area.

Builtup Area: 8700 sft

Location: Kurvande, Lonavala

Status: Proposal

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