Architecture-Mountainous Adobe

Mountainous Abode

The site is in Kurvande village, along the outskirts of Lonavala & sitting at the foothills of beautiful mountains and adjacent to the fields.
The conceptual design of this bungalow consists of four high volumes inter-connected by a passage. These volumes are then chiselled by a single side sloping roof – to make the form resemble the surrounding mountains. External walls are stone-cladded up to first floor and plastered in white colour beyond! Together, these volumes form a striking assembly of stacked stone clad walls, orchestrating a beautiful animated play of light and shadow throughout the day.
These volumes are connected by passages on both, ground & first floor. The passage resembles a central spine that holds all the volumes together, whereas the cantilevered porch above the entrance area is an extension of the central spine. The entrance door opens to this passage and ends with the beautiful plants at the opposite end, which can be seen as soon as one enters the house.
The central space of the residence is living and dining area which is well connected to individual volumes. The double heighted living space creates an openness between the high-volume blocks. All the bedrooms on both floors are planned such that each one of them opens to a different view and has its own open space.

Built-up Area: 5750 Sq.Ft.

Location: Kurvande, Lonavala

Status: Ongoing

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